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The Top Two Anti-Candida, Anti-Yeast, Anti-Fungal Products That I Use For My Clients.

Formula SF722 by Thorne and Morinda Supreme by Supreme Nutrition

When it comes to candida, yeast, and fungal problems with my patients, the two most common supplements that I recommend are Formula SF722 by Thorne and Morinda Supreme by Supreme Nutrition Products. I've been using Formula SF722 since 1996 when I started utilizing Dr. Lebowitz's dysbiosis protocol, and Morinda Supreme since the launch of Supreme Nutritional Products.* (Please note, Formula SF722 has been renamed Undecylenic Acid. 

Formula SF722's primary active ingredient is Undecylenic Acid, which is six times more effective than caprylic acid.* Undecylenic acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is found in sweat. It's delivered in a gelcap with an olive oil base. Because it occurs naturally in sweat, I will use it topically on occasion.* While I find that SF722 is slightly quicker to work than Morinda, I use Morinda Supreme a little more. 

Morinda Supreme is powdered Noni berries. Not only is it excellent for candida and fungal problems, but has broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties, and can be anti-inflammatory.* Unlike Formula SF722, it is safe for vegetarians and vegans. Because it is made from just the berries and is not diluted or fermented like many Noni products, it seems to work better.*

Please note, I do not recommend either of these products for pregnant or nursing mothers. (For my patients I would consider Vital Guard Supreme but please talk to your physician if you are pregnant.)*

If you have hyperkalemia (too much potassium), please use caution with Morinda Supreme because of it's high potassium content.* 

I have seen a couple of patients have an increase in muscle cramps with Morinda Supreme.* 

If you are hypotensive (low blood pressure), be cautious and monitor your blood pressure with Morinda Supreme because it can mildly lower one's blood pressure.* 

With both products, I've seen patients get discomfort in their stomachs upon taking it on an empty stomach. For them, taking with food seems to resolve the issue.*