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Allicor Timed Release Garlic. 60 tablets. Research shows reduces cholesterol.
Allicor Timed Release Garlic. 60 tablets. Research shows reduces cholesterol.
Allicor Timed Release Garlic. 60 tablets. Research shows reduces cholesterol.
Allicor Timed Release Garlic. 60 tablets. Research shows reduces cholesterol.
Allicor Timed Release Garlic. 60 tablets. Research shows reduces cholesterol.
Allicor Timed Release Garlic. 60 tablets. Research shows reduces cholesterol.

Allicor Timed Release Garlic. 60 tablets. Research shows reduces cholesterol.


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  • Expiration: 03/2025

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    Do a search for garlic and cholesterol reduction in the research literature and you will find Allicor keeps coming up. Most of the successful research on garlic in the reduction of cholesterol and prevention of heart disease is based on this product. Allicor is prepared without heat, and is enteric coated and is timed release. The box recommends 1-1x/ day or 1-2x/day. There is one article that did research on 600mg/day (2-2x/day).

    Cesnakova solids contained in the product is prepared in a manner which ensures maximum original substances of fresh garlic. The active substances contained in the raw garlic are lost during the cooking process modifications, particularly on cooking. Tablets are coated ALLICORU fine film which resists gastric environment and allows the release of active substances to the small intestine. The team is sensitive protected the gastric mucosa, avoiding a garlicky smell of exhaled air

    Active ingredients: mg / tbl

    Solids garlic: 150


    Dried garlic, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate (fillers), methacrylic acid copolymer, talc, titanium dioxide (coating agents).

    The product does not contain gluten, lactose, preservatives or flavoring.


    1-2 tablets a day, nerozhrýzť, the entire tablet after ingesting water to swallow.

    The contents of one package: 60 tablets

    Ter Arkh. 2002;74(3):76-8.

    [Hypotensive effect of long-acting garlic tablets allicor (a double-blind placebo-controlled trial)].

    Andrianova IV, Fomchenkov IV, Orekhov AN.


    To evaluate a hypotensive action of long-acting garlic powder tablets allicor in patients with mild or moderate hypertension and to compare allicor effects with those of foreign analog--kwai garlic tablets.


    At the first stage, tolerance of allicor (600 mg/day) and its effects on ARD morbidity were investigated in an opened 5-month study in 172 children aged 7-16 years compared to 468 controls. As the second stage, the effects of allicor (300 mg/day) on ASRD morbidity were investigated in a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized 5-month trial in 42 children aged 10-12 years in comparison with 41 placebo-treated children and 73 benzimidazole-treated children.


    At the first stage of the study allicor was not observed to induce gastrointestinal side effects in children at any dosage while ARD morbidity was reduced 2-4-fold as compared to the controls. At the second stage of the study allicor reduced ARD morbidity 1.7-fold compared to placebo and 2.4-fold vs benzimidazole. There was no significant difference in ARD morbidity between placebo- and benzimidazole-treated groups. Health index in allicor-treated group was 1.5-fold higher as compared either to placebo- or benzimidazole-treated children.


    Thus, the results of this study have demonstrated that allicor is effective for non-specific prevention of acute respiratory infections in children and has no side effects. ARD prevention with benzimidazole appeared ineffective in placebo-controlled study, so the development of new useful and safe preparations is of ultimate importance.

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    [Article in Russian]

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    The aim of investigation was to assess an effect of allicor at a lipid metabolism and a free radical oxidation of blood lipids, anthropometic values, and arterial blood pressure at patients with atherogenic dislipoproteidemy. 112 patients (47 men and 65 women) 40 to 60 years of age were examined. 56 patients had ischemic heart disease and/or equal disorders. Another 56 patients were free of any signs of atherosclerosis, but had one or more risk factor of cardiovascular pathology. Six month therapy using allicor results in moderate hypolipidemic and antioxidative effect. A dosage of 600 mg per day decreases individual ten-year chance of fatal cardiovascular complications at patients with clinical signs of atherosclerosis, whereas at patients who have no signs of atherosclerosis the complications are decreased with dosage of 300 mg per day

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